What happens when you meet a troll?

This is one of the most engaging things I’ve ever seen on YouTube. I’d enthusiastically watch an entire web series built around this premise. There’s a whole research agenda waiting to be undertaken exploring the troll’s claim that he needed to be abusive in order to get noticed by Owen Jones.

3 responses to “What happens when you meet a troll?”

  1. That is very thought-provoking little short clip.

    What comes to my mind is why people think it’s more authentic the engagement that occurs face-to-face.

    For sure I can be more antagonistic in comments and online and things like that then I find myself ever capable of being in person. But I think personally that is because I don’t have any friends that enjoy the same kind of intellectual conversations that I do, and that if I did find people that I felt were in the same game, so to speak, I probably would be just as antagonistic face-to-face. But that’s just me because I find that I have to be nice face to face with people because they don’t understand the angle that I’m coming from they don’t understand various issues in the way or in the manner that I do. So I have to be nice I have to be accommodating for their limited understanding of the situation.
    It’s not patronizing to them but I have to be more allowing for them and their processes of thought and thinking and challenge them where they’re at in order for what we are talking about to challenge me also.

    But I don’t think it’s in authentic to behave in such a way online. I think it’s just that another type of authenticity. Perhaps

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