CfP Changing Political Economy of Research & Innovation Workshop 2018

Very excited to be one of the keynotes for this:

6th Annual CPERI Workshop, 29-30 July 2018
Institute for Social Futures, Lancaster University, UK
We cordially invite submissions to the 6th workshop on the Changing Political Economy of Research & Innovation (CPERI), following previous events at Lancaster (2012), Toronto (2013), San Diego (2015), Liège (2016) and Boston (2017).  CPERI is a unique global forum for the exploration of scholarship regarding thepolitical economy of research & innovation (R&I), and hence at the intersection of STS, political economy and multiple other cognate disciplines, including geography,  sociology, politics, law, education, medicine, engineering, computing & philosophy.  The workshop series is dedicated to cultivating a growing community of committed and engaged international scholars of the political economy of R&I who will continue to build on their CPERI connections at subsequent workshops and conferences, and through collaboration on research.  We aim to bring this crucial but neglected issue more centrally to major conferences in adjacent fields, where it remains overlooked.  With these goals in mind, and to assist attendance from as diverse a group as possible, the workshop is also being held directly after the EASST Conference 2018, also in Lancaster. Attendance is free.
Our theme for 2018 is:
Making & Doing Technoscientific Futures Better
Keynote speakers:
Professor Susan Robertson (Cambridge) on “the University in an age of platform capitalism”
Dr Mark Carrigan (Cambridge) on “Securing public knowledge amidst the epistemic chaos of platform capitalism?”
Abstracts should be no more than 300 words, and should include the author’s name, institutional affiliation, and contact information. Questions and abstracts should be sent via email to  by 30 March.
David Tyfield (Lancaster University)
Stevie de Saille (Sheffield University)
Janja Komljenovic (Lancaster University)

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