Content Producers: Incentives, Motivations, and Value Creation18

This conference looks brilliant! I wish it was slightly nearer:

Independent content producers are squeezed between two extremes. On one side are platforms, some of which also create content (Youtube [Google], Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and others), as well as publishing and media firms (Reed-Elsevier, Thomsons, Time-Warner, News Corp and others) that offer content under paywalls, subscription and advertising business models. On the other hand, there is a growing number of users who are willing to generate their content for
free over a variety of online platforms, many of them owned by the former. Between these two extremes lies a group of professional content creators such as writers, artists, scientists and designers, both micro-firms and SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) that are trying to find sustainable business models/ practices in a challenging and turbulent environment. This middle group will be the focus of our symposium, with an emphasis on content production, incentive design, dissemination, curation, and monetization. We aim to present innovative work on this emerging topic as well as to highlight trends and insights from academic and industry perspectives regarding the future of content producers and the content industry as a whole.

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