An attempt to define my research interests

  • The relationship between personal change and social change: in what senses can we speak of social change? What does it mean for who people are and who they could become? As C. Wright Mills once put it, how are people “selected and formed, liberated and repressed, made sensitive and blunted” and what does this mean for “what varieties are coming to prevail”? How do we exercise agency in confronting these changes? How do we cope with them as individuals and groups? How do we struggle to cope and what does this mean for social order?
  • The capacity of the social sciences to contribute to personal change and social changehow can the social sciences help us understand the contours of the social order in which we live? How can we use this knowledge, as individuals and groups, in order to cope more gainfully with social change and increase our capacities for human flourishing? How does the institutional organisation of the social sciences help and hinder these possibilities?

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