The Technolibertarian King 

From I Hate The Internet: A Novel pg 189-190:

Like Ray Kurzweil, who Christine identified with Dolos, the Greek spirit of trickery and guile. Ray Kurzweil was the king of technological liberation theology. Or, in other words, he was king of the most intolerable of all intolerable bullshit. He believed in a future where computers would reach a moment of technological singularity. The technological singularity was a bullshit phrase invented by the Science Fiction writer Vernor Vinge. 

The technological singularity was the name for a theoretical moment in the future when computers would achieve a critical mass of artificial intelligence and wake up and change everything. The way that computers would change everything is by emerging into consciousness and telling people like Ray Kurzweil and Vernor Vinge that they were fucking awesome. The computers and Ray Kurzweil and Vernor Vinge would hang out and kick back and rule the universe forever. 

This is not an exaggeration. This is what Ray Kurzweil believed. This bullshit was reported by major American media outlets. This bullshit was taken as gospel by cub reporters who did not understand regular old intelligence, let alone intelligence crafted by man. So Ray Kurzweil was the god of lies. Who would deny the puissance of a man who thought that his computer was going to wake up and hang out with him and tell him he was awesome? Everyone in Silicon Valley loved Ray Kurzweil. He was their High Priest of Intolerable Bullshit. He was the Seer of Pseudoscience. He worked for Google. He was a director of engineering.

2 responses to “The Technolibertarian King ”

  1. The Singularity is a fabricated bullshit concept that will be used by elites to control the masses in the same way religion was. For centuries, God was a convenient scapegoat to blame for all the fucked up animalistic shit that *people* wanted to do to each other. Now that we’ve outgrown it, the overlords are merely replacing “God” with “Magic Algorithms”
    and “Omniscient Computer” (which they just so happen to control), which will conveniently be blamed for all the fucked up shit they want to do to us. It amazes me that so many supposedly intelligent people cannot see through this intolerable bullshit. Singularity/Tranhumanism is just religion for educated morons who mistakenly believe themselves “too smart” for religion, and Kurzweil has never “predicted” anything th0at wasn’t already a foregone conclusion.
    Hey Google, I predict that the sun will rise at approximately 7 a.m. tomorrow, and that people will continue to believe stupid shit in the future; now pay me half a million $ a year to be part of your mindfucked Sociopath Cabal– ha ha just kidding, I wouldn’t whore myself to Googoo for all the money in the world. All of Google’s supposed “machine learning” is just repackaging & renaming of basic capabilities that have existed since the 90s. “AI” is just the tech equivalent of Oz The Great & Powerful; pull back the curtain & all you’ll see is a bunch of bitter little megalomaniacal coders tweaking the “magic algorithms” to get results which benefit themselves & impose their Fascist Fucktard agenda on society. We’re still in the Dark Ages.

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