Call for Papers: The Journal of Repressive Social Theory

In recent years, calls for a reconsideration of critique, its place and value, have multiplied. The proposition that critique has run out of steam took on a new urgency with the vote for Brexit and the election of Donald Trump. The doxa of progressive academia has found itself repudiated by these events, as conceptions of the social world universally assented to within the left-liberal academy have been revealed as phantasmic remainders from an older period of capitalist development.

This new journal calls for a reorientation of social theory towards the reality we now reluctantly confront. Regressive times call for a repressive social theory, attuned to the contracting horizons of public life and the death of progressive futures into which we once invested so much. Contributions for this inaugural issue might include:

  • Nationalist populism and the challenge it poses for democracy
  • The inadequacy of leftist critique in the face of reactionary class politics
  • The difficulty of persuading people they should listen us to when we say things
  • How irritating we find it when people don’t agree with the things we say
  • The professional anxieties lurking behind the twists and turns of our run-on sentences
  • The necessity that our words become more obscure and our run-on sentences longer to cope with the spiralling complexity of late neoliberalism
  • The value of critique as the temporal horizon of viable employment within the critical social sciences contracts
  • The performativity of criticality and how it no longer makes us feel better about the world or ourselves

At this stage, we invite titles and abstracts from potential contributors to the first issue. Final contributions should be between 8000 and 10000 words, articulated in a suitably dense and impenetrable style. Please e-mail to informally discuss a contribution.

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