dear academic hive mind: help me produce a comprehensive list of critiques of margaret archer’s work

I’m trying to put together a comprehensive list of critiques of Margaret Archer’s work. Any help would be appreciated! If you could e-mail me, leave them as a comment or tweet a link then I’ll add them to this list:

  1. Defining personal reflexivity: A critical reading of Archer’s approach. European Journal of Social Theory
  2. Reflexivity as Situated Problem-Solving. A Pragmatist Alternative to General Theory. Sociologica
  3. Fully Unconscious and Prone to Habit: The Characteristics of Agency in the Structure and Agency Dialectic Journal for the Theory of Social Behaviour
  4. For “Central Conflation” A Critique of Archerian Dualism Sociological Theory
  5. Reflexivity, relative autonomy and the embedded individual in economics Journal of Institutional Economics
  6. Relational sociology, agency and interaction European Journal of Social Theory
  7. Melancholia and the Radical Particular: Against Archer’s Realism Graduate Journal of Social Science–06-Allen.pdf
  8. Relational Sociology, Theoretical Inuhmanism and the Problem of the Nonhuman
  9. Interests and Structure in Dualist Social Theory
    A Critical Appraisal of Archer’s Theoretical and Empirical Arguments Philosophy of the Social Sciences
  10. Social Causation: Between Social Constructionism and Critical Realism
  11. Emotional Reflexivity: Feeling, Emotion and Imagination in Reflexive Dialogues Sociology
  12. Reflexivity and social change: A critical discussion of reflexive modernization and individualization theses Portuguese Journal of Social Science
  13. A Return to ‘the Inner’ in Social Theory: Archer’s ‘Internal Conversation’
  14. The Poverty of Ontological Reasoning Journal for the Theory of Social Behaviour
  15. The Reflexive Habitus
  16. Personal reflexivity and biography: methodological challenges and strategies International Journal of Social Research Methodology
  17. Questioning Contingency in Social Life Journal for the Theory of Social Behaviour
  18. Situierte Reflexivität: Margaret Archers Entwurf eines kritisch-realistischen Subjektverständnisses (seems to be published in English and German)
  19. Realist Social Theory and Its Losing Battle With Concepts
  20. For a Social Ontology with a Self-Reflective Knowing Subject: Towards the Articulation of the Epistemic Criterion of Reflexivity
  21. On reflexivity and the conduct of the self in everyday life: reflections on Bourdieu and Archer British Journal of Sociology
  22. Ultimate concerns in late modernity: Archer, Bourdieu and reflexivity British Journal of Sociology

I’ll be adding to this list myself. But any suggestions are greatly appreciated! At present the above list contains everything (in English) I could find via Google Scholar published from 2011 onwards, with the criteria being pieces that took Archer’s work as their overwhelming or exclusive focus.

Dave Elder-Vass has sent me a helpful list of items to add:

  • Elder-Vass (2007) ‘Reconciling Archer and Bourdieu in an Emergentist Theory of Action’ Sociological Theory, 25:4, 325-46.
  • Elder-Vass (2008) ‘For Emergence: Refining Archer’s Account of Social Structure’. Journal for the Theory of Social Behaviour, 37:1, 25-44. (Also see the responses by Porpora, Varela, and King in the subsequent issue).
  • Archer, M. and D. Elder-Vass (2012) ‘Cultural System or Norm Circles?’, European Journal of Social Theory 15:1, 93-115
  • HEALY, K. (1998). Conceptualising Constraint: Mouzelis, Archer and the Concept of Social Structure. Sociology, 32, 509-522
  • KING, A. (2004). The structure of social theory. London: Routledge
  • KING, A. (2006). How Not to Structure a Social Theory: A Reply to a Critical Response. Philosophy of the Social Sciences, 36, 464-479
  • Depelteau (2008) ‘Relational Thinking: A Critique of Co-Deterministic Theories of Structure and Agency’ Sociological Theory 26 (1):51 – 73.