Three weeks, four requests and still no ballot paper 

I just got off the phone to Labour for the third time in three weeks, punctuated by a hopeful online request as well. When I last spoke to them, I was told my ballot paper would arrive by midnight yesterday. Now I’m told it will arrive by midnight on Monday. 

Given it’s already too late for a postal vote and the deadline for online votes is next Friday, the (likely?) non-arrival of my ballot by Monday night probably signals I won’t get a vote. 

It’s hard not to feel paranoid at this point and wonder if I’m being denied a vote through a plausibly deniable tale of bureaucratic blunder. In other situations this would have incensed me sufficiently that I’d think seriously about action I could take after but that would only hurt a party I’m trying to support. 

It’s hard not to wonder if ‘giving up’ is precisely the reaction some in the Labour Party are hoping to engender in hundreds of thousands of new members. Don’t give them the satisfaction.

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