A Decade of Web 2.0: Reflections, Critical Perspectives, and Beyond

This looks like a superb special issue:

Very happy to announce the publication of “A Decade of Web 2.0: Reflections, Critical Perspectives, and Beyond”, a special issue of First Monday, co-editted by Michael Zimmer and Anna L. Hoffmann.

The issue includes an impressive set of diverse contributions revisiting the topic of critical engagement with Web 2.0:

“Web 2.0 User-knowledge and the Limits of Individual and Collective Power” by Nicholas Proferes

“Many (to platform) to many: Web 2.0 application infrastructures” by Jack Jamieson

“Constructing and Enforcing “Authentic” Identity Online: Facebook, Real Names, and Non-Normative Identities” by Oliver Haimson and Anna Lauren Hoffmann

“Rethinking Social Change: The Promises of Web 2.0 for the Marginalized” by David Nemer

“The Domestication of Online Activism” by Mathias Klang and Nora Madison

“The Rise of Speculative Devices: Hooking Up with the Bots of Ashley Madison” by Ben Light

“Read Only: The Persistence of Lurking in Web 2.0″ by Scott Kushner

“DIY Videos on YouTube: Identity and Possibility in the Age of Algorithms” by Chris Wolf

“Share Wars: Sharing, Theft, and the Everyday Production of Web 2.0 on DeviantArt” by Dan Perkel

“The Blogosphere and Its Problems: Web 2.0 Undermining Civic” by Alex Halavais

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