Donald Trump as an Attentional Entrepeneur

From Donald Trump: The Pursuit of Success, pg 13 – one who constantly seeks out new ways to make claims upon attention and diligently measures and assesses the success of these innovations:

For decades, no one has made a more insistent claim on the nation’s attention than this man. Trump begins each day with a sheaf of papers detailing where and how often his name has been mentioned in the global press. The reports are typically too numerous for him to actually read, but the weight of the pages gives his sensitive ego a measure of his importance on any given day. This need to be noticed, and his drive to satisfy it, has made him a singular figure worthy of close inspection.

3 thoughts on “Donald Trump as an Attentional Entrepeneur”

  1. Mark, a sheaf of paper not a list. I wonder if he had a library with entries for each day.

  2. which he retires to with a scotch at night to celebrate the joy that is Donald J Trump?

  3. That’s the good life man. Can you imagine it. Who knows what else he retires in the evening with to enjoy his dailies

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