Predictive analytics and the intensification of work

Yesterday I blogged about the impossible demands placed upon staff as a management strategy. What happens if you fail to meet these demands? This is an important question but it’s one which becomes even more crucial if, as seems likely, predictive analytics hits human resources departments:

Candidate Pre-screening – One of HR’s Best “Predictive Analytics Projects”

Candidate screening is a process better handled by algorithms that can effortlessly, accurately, respectfully and predictively screen thousands or millions of candidates per day (or hour) for business success.  All a predictive algorithm cares about is predicting success.

Algorithms are fair.  They are reliable.  They learn from their mistakes and can tell you what it was about top performing candidates that made them top – so the algorithms can find more.  Algorithms give the same amount of time and energy to each candidate.  They are unbiased.  They don’t get tired after screening 3 thousand (or 3 million candidates).

Algorithms Do Different Things than Humans.  They Don’t Replace Humans

Predictive screening algorithms are developed to screen-in candidates with a high probability of successfully performing what you need (i.e. make their sales revenue, answer a large number of call center calls, or have a high customer service rating, or last in the role at least 12 or 18 months, accurately balance their bank teller drawers … )  They also screen-out candidates with a low probability of performing what you need.

Once candidates with a high probability of success are identified, the Corporate Recruiter begins their normal interview process.  No more 6-second scans of a resume.

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