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UCU’s recent anti-casualisation work 

I always find it irritating when people say UCU does nothing to fight against casualisation. Here’s a round up of recent activity which was sent to the anti-casualisation mailing list:

A quick roundup on some of UCU’s recent work for staff on casual contracts…

Latest local progress reported on our website:

There are two new case studies on our (newly revamped) website, where you can read about branches who have campaigned, negotiated and won improvements for hourly paid staff in both Further and Higher Education:—proud-of-their-progress-on-permanent-contracts

Security Matters – UCU’s campaign magazine, supporting the fight against casualisation:

Security Matters includes articles by academics, experts, reps working at the front line of the fight against casualisation. 

Download your copy here:

Support the fight against casualisation in your branch:

UCU needs more members on casual contracts to get involved in the campaign against casualisation. Here’s what you can do: 

*Find out if your branch has a campaign group

*Find out if your branch has an anti-casualisation rep

* Register for the Annual Meeting for staff on casual contracts. Find out more here:

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