Workshop: Conceptual Challenges in Interdisciplinary Social Media Research

I’m very excited that the Digital Social Science Forum’s workshop has been accepted at Social Media & Society in London this year. Susan Halford, Les Carr, Emma Uprichard and Evelyn Ruppert will be speaking at the workshop & I will be facilitating. It will take place on Monday July 11th and you’ll have to register for the (excellent) conference to take part.

Many, if not all, affirm the value of interdisciplinary collaboration in social media research, as different disciplinary backgrounds contribute different skills to the analysis of complex socio-technical objects. However such collaborations also entail conceptual challenges, encountered at the level of substantive theoretical commitments but also in terms of taken-for-granted assumptions that inform everyday practice.  

The workshop as a whole will aim both to familiarise participants with common conceptual challenges confronted in interdisciplinary social media research, as well as drawing upon their own experience and understanding to unpack these challenges and explore potential routes beyond them. In doing so, we hope to develop new perspectives on these issues, including the disciplinary origins of these conceptual challenges, which can constitute the basis for further work and the production of practical toolkits to inform interdisciplinary working.