technological drivers of institutional isomorphism

From The New Ruthless Economy, by Simon Head, loc 1972:

Companies should give up trying to create their own reengineered processes and instead buy them off the shelf from ERP vendors such as SAP and Oracle. cle. In the words of Chris Deacon, a senior ERP specialist at the consultancy sultancy Computer Science Corporation (CSC), “SAP does not sell software-it sells best-practice business processes. 1121 So, instead of “starting from scratch” in their design of processes, companies, according cording to Davenport, “start from what is possible or easily accomplished plished in SAP, Oracle or PeopleSoft.”21 When U.S. companies start buying their processes “off the shelf” from companies like SAP and Oracle, then these companies and their leading software designers suddenly find themselves with a great deal of power. Their decisions about how processes should be embedded in their software will shape the ways in which millions of workers do their jobs. Neither the SAP authors nor Davenport, despite his earlier misgivings, givings, now have any qualms about vesting such power in the hands of small groups of software designers. They are confident that this power will be wisely exercised.