more spam directed at international event organisers

This time trying to sell something rather than asking for money on behalf of presumably fictitious delegates:

Hi Mark

I hope this email finds you well.

Are you in charge of organizing Conference on Power, Acceleration and Metrics in Academic Life? I am not sure if you’re the right person to speak with. I was a researcher in computer science in UCSD and started a company to provide a mobile event app to help organizers create successful events.

I think the mobile event app can help make your life a lot easier. And some events similar to yours say the Whova event app get more attendees and sponsors. Here’s how:

It removes the hassle (and cost) of printing agendas, directions, and even presentation

It provides a faster, more preferred way for last minute changes (do you have last minute changes?)

Your attendees will have an amazing networking experience that will keep them coming back for more next year.

Your sponsors love the additional ad opportunities in the app.

What if I said I could do everything above in just 1 day? Well, I can. Email me back to let me know if you’re interested in seeing how this can be done. I can explain more on the phone.

Would you like to see how this works? Check it out here:

If you are not the appropriate person to contact, who do you recommend I talk to?

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