my tips on social media for academics in the times higher

Thanks to Matthew Reisz for putting together this excellent piece after we spoke last week. There’s a substantive article but he also compiled these ten tips (which I definitely didn’t offer sequentially off the top of my head!) to finish it off:

  • Think through carefully exactly what you want to achieve by engaging with social media
  • Consider producing social media content as a normal part of your working life
  • Develop a sense of the advantages and limitations of each different platform
  • Be realistic about the time available to you – it may be more effective to engage on one platform than to spread yourself across many
  • Be aware of who might see what you are publishing online, but don’t become paralysed by overestimating your visibility and the potential risks that come from this
  • Make your blogs easier to find and navigate by tagging and categorising the contents
  • Always include details of your blog in any conference presentations
  • Make sure all your friends, colleagues and collaborators know about your blog
  • Set up automated links on Twitter to announce each new blogpost – and allow people to subscribe to your blogs by email
  • If you use Twitter to promote a blog post, make sure the title is clear and self-explanatory.