Call for Papers: Doing Time in the Sociology of Education

A great call for papers:

Guest Editors: Professor Bob Lingard, University of Queensland & Dr Greg Thompson, Murdoch University

Call for Papers: Doing Time in the Sociology of Education

The Guides, the Wardens of our faculties,
And Stewards of our labour, watchful men
And skilful in the usury of time,
Sages, who in the prescience would control
All accidents, and to the very road
Which they have fashion’d would confine us down,
Like engines…

– William Wordsworth, The Prelude

Many of the practices, processes, history and analyses of education and schooling in our contemporary milieu conceal powerful theorisations of time. These theorisations work to produce systems, structures, expectations and subjectivities. For example, the move towards mass, compulsory schooling that occurred in many countries in the 18th and 19th centuries, and the particular links it had to the organisation of the factory and the prison, conceal a particular mobilisation of time as linear and progressive that continues to dominate the work and aims of schooling. The purpose of this special issue is to revisit understandings and theorisations of time in the sociology of education.

While time is not a novel concept in critical examinations of schooling, this issue will be open to papers exploring time from a number of perspectives, including those that develop time as non-linear and/or multiple; to time as the silent foundation of conceptions of childhood and development; time as central to the structure and organisation of schools including school subjects, timetables and architecture; the relationship between education policy and political time; processes of subjectivation and identity formation; the impact of internet time; and notions of value and values in school. These could include applications of time in the theoretical work of thinkers such as Bourdieu, Virilio, Foucault, Bhaskar, Grosz, Barad and Deleuze and other thinkers with specific emphasis on education contexts.

Submission Instructions

Expressions of interest/400 word abstract to be submitted to the Guest Editors via email by: 1st August 2015

Full papers from accepted abstracts should be submitted through ScholarOne Manuscripts by: 31st December 2015

Special Issue publication (of accepted papers, only): Early 2017

Contact Information: 

Bob Lingard, School of Education, The University of Queensland, 4072, Australia

Greg Thompson, School of Education, Murdoch University, 6150, Western Australia, Australia

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