A new resource for teaching social theory

Along with Cheryl Brumley, I’ve been producing ‘virtual dayschools’ for the Centre for Social Ontology. They’re intended to provide accessible introductions to difficult topics by mixing up text, image and video. They’re intended as a preliminary to engaging with what is often difficult literature rather than as a replacement for it.

The first draft of the first day school is now online: An Introduction to Social Ontology. Any feedback would be much appreciated! There’s another three in production that I’ll have finished by the end of this month. I’d like to add an interactive component to them but I’m not really sure how that would work. Perhaps a hashtag for each dayschool?

2 thoughts on “A new resource for teaching social theory

  1. Hi, I am Javier, writing from Chile. I wanted to congratulate you on this project. I am a social psychology professor and have been thinking of doing something like this… I think this is the way to go. What I thought is more rustic :): recording my classes and uploading them to soundcloud with a comment, further resources and so on. It is closer to support for my classes than a blog or other means for spreading the word on internet :). What I like about your idea is that sound clips are intertwined with text and sound better. Congrats. (University has to go out or it won’t go at all.)

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