Transformative Practice and Theory: Where We Stand Today

Interesting conference in Coventry:

Registration now open for the MeCCSA PGN Conference 2015, ‘Transformative Practice and Theory: Where We Stand Today’
Department of Media, Coventry University, 2-3 July 2015
Registration is now open at the early bird price of £30 until 30th April. From 1st May the conference fee will be £40. Please note registration closes on 26th June. The conference fee includes entrance to both days of the conference, the pre-conference screening and refreshments during the entire conference. Unfortunately we are unable to provide refunds in any circumstance. Please click here to register.
Confirmed speakers: Dr. Clare Birchall (King’s College London), Prof. Lisa Blackman (Goldsmiths University), Dr. Rebecca Coleman (Goldsmiths University), Prof. Gary Hall (Coventry University), Associate Prof. Mandy Rose (DCRC, University of the West of England).
Pre-conference film screening: Oscar award-winning CitizenFour (directed by Laura Poitras) 1st July 2015.
For a full list of conference paper titles to be presented by Masters students, PhD candidates, and early career researchers at the MeCCSA PGN Conference 2015 please click here.
The multidisciplinary fields of media, communication and culture face the challenge of constantly responding to the changing landscape which they study. In recent years, these fields have shifted considerably due to the rise in digital and open media, which have opened up new spaces for debate. Our negotiation with, and use of, theory has been transformed through the turn to affect, and the ways in which we are now articulating the relationship between bodies, images and environments as permeable and interconnected. Practice has also been transformed, as engagement with what were traditionally more “static” objects has been affected due to the disrupted power relations between producer and consumer, allowing for further engagement beyond production.
In response to these changes our conference focuses on unique approaches to review the way pre-existing notions, ideas and practices in research can be reimagined. We want to promote how the use of creative and original ways of research enables the reframing of traditional ideas to fit with the needs of today. Invited speakers will contribute by sharing how their own work pushes the potentials of theory and practice in the contexts of visual and sensory culture, data subjects and open access scholarship.
For further information about the conference please follow us on twitter @MeCCSAPGN2015 or contact the organising committee at

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