David Cameron as neoliberal prophet

I just heard these prophetic words from David Cameron on the radio:

if you’re not good or outstanding, you have to change. If you can’t do it yourself, you have to let experts come in and help you

He was talking about schools. But have you ever encountered a purer statement of neoliberal ideology? In practice this demand for excellence amounts to, as Will Davies puts it, “heating up the floor to see who can keep hopping the longest“.

4 thoughts on “David Cameron as neoliberal prophet”

  1. The word ‘excellence’ is a loaded term – much that I regard as demonstrating excellence is now being destroyed piecemeal by the neoliberal juggernaut and it’s representatives in goverment, the public library service being one such example. Meanwhile the mediocre and the socially corrosive institutions and processes flourish. Hedge funds, arms manufacturers and privitization being some examples.

  2. But I suppose there is ‘excellence’ in hedge funds. Serco and G4S are clearly ‘excellent’ at winning contracts.

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