Stuff I want to find out

  1. How do norms emerge ‘online’ and is this different from how they emerge ‘offline’? What does this tell us about the ‘online’/’offline’ distinction?
  2. Is “all science becoming data science” and, if so, why is this happening?
  3. Is it possible to visualise theory in a manner akin to how we visualise data? Should theory visualisation be a specialisation comparable to data visualisation?
  4. Are voluntary self-trackers contributing to the normalisation of a socio-technical mechanism that begins to look extremely sinister when applied in work places?
  5. Is it possible to empirically demonstrate that higher education is ‘speeding up’? What are the consequences of this for scholars working under these conditions and how are they contributing to this acceleration? What are the implications for the possibility of scholarship itself?
  6. Can we do a ‘sociology of thinking’ that doesn’t just conjoin psychology and sociology but instead retrieves what is lost by the disciplinary division itself?
  7. What is social theory for and what do social theorists think it is for?
  8. So what is Digital Sociology exactly? What is it for?
  9. How, if at all, do we need to rethink public sociology to take account of social media?
  10. How are social movements changing in a digitalised environment and how, if at all, should this lead us to rethink how we conceptualise and study them?
  11. What does it mean for a person to change? Should we incorporate this into sociological explanation and, if so, how do we do it?
  12. What does realist social theory have to offer the social sciences?

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