Harmut Rosa engages with the work of Margaret Archer

This is very good – it’s so refreshing to see a critical engagement with Archer’s work of this quality:

One response to “Harmut Rosa engages with the work of Margaret Archer”

  1. Thanks for the link. Very interesting.
    The various comments on Archer’s work have many similarities with those of Mouzelis. In particular :
    – the illustration of Agency as articulating with four components of the social system is very similar to Mouzelis’s remark on the need for a “methodological dualism” or a “perspectival dualism”.
    – the direction of arrows in that diagram have similarities with Mouzelis’s three dimensions.
    Rosa seems to have the same problem as Mouzelis: no engagement with the sociology of thinking and other disciplines.
    It would be interesting to know how Rosa views the work of Hans Joas (another German sociologist) and his work on the Creativity of Action.

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