When writing on the iPad becomes a pleasure rather than a chore

I’ve started using iWriter for the iPad and I can’t recommend it highly enough. In fact writing this post on my laptop now feels clunky and irritating after having spent the last couple of hours working on my social media book on my iPad. There are obvious limits to the viability of iWriter, particularly if you’re using an iPad mini like I am, however it’s lovely for shorter pieces of writing. I’ve done about 1200 words this morning and I suspect that’s probably the limit, particularly if the text has any degree of structure to it. To be honest I’m struggling to articulate precisely why it works so well. Clearly, the minimalism and absence of the lag seemingly so prevalent on iOS are important factors.  It just seems to work as a cohesive whole. I like writing applications which eradicate the need to think even minutely about the application itself, allowing you to get on with writing rather than thinking about formatting, saving, backing up and editing.


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