Call for contributions: An Alternative History of Sociology

This open and web based project aims to contribute to a rethinking of the sociological canon and debates about the past and future of the discipline. Would you like to contribute to An Alternative History of Sociology? There’s more information here about the project and its aims. Though it’s still in an early stage, we’d be interested in receiving:

  1. Biographical accounts of historical figures
  2. Narrative summaries of historical figures and their work
  3. Narrative summaries of contemporary figures and their work
  4. Personal accounts of the constraints of the sociological canon and the broadening of intellectual horizons
  5. Analysis of the broader methodological and historical questions entailed by the project

There is no deadline for submissions. The idea is to create a living resource which grows over time, highlighting sociologists who haven’t received the recognition you believe they deserve and encouraging debate about the history of the discipline and what it means to have made a contribution to it.

All submissions should be 1000-3000 words and include a suggested image that is licensed for reuse. References should be included at the end of each post in a briefly annotated form, with the intention of sign posting an interested reader keen to navigate a body of work they had previously been unfamiliar with. Please include a 100 word first-person personal biography with submissions.

E-mail to contribute an article or discuss a potential contribution.

All articles will be licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0. This permits attributed reproduction for non-commercial purposes but precludes modification.

4 thoughts on “Call for contributions: An Alternative History of Sociology

  1. Reblogged this on TASA Sociology of Education and commented:
    Hmmm, I wonder, aren’t we all busy creating an ‘alternative history of sociology’ in our daily work? Is this to create some kind of a ‘new canon’? Are all the various online sources competing to become the one that becomes recognised and remembered? Hmmmm.

  2. The alternative canon could come from the vernacular literature, music that binds light with darkness and darkness with light, for right from Greek Thought to modern Project’ the knowledge has been round ‘take care’ and the late capitalism has only strengthened that subjectivity. Therefore both ‘Rationalism and Empiricism ‘ need to be revisited by multiple modernities. identifiable universal knowledge from the old societies. I must have to be joint east west human project. I too am looking for the epistemological lags in history.

  3. f ideas would do with the epistomological needs revisiting in anholistic manner taking care of all civilizational march.we might find a a profound understanding in the parity of episteme,so that human project could be completed.

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