Wait, WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? The Newbie’s Guide to the MLA Insurgency

an introduction to the adjunct insurgency currently underway within the MLA


Yesterday, I came out swinging in favor of a rag-tag band of upstarts–Lee, Sharon, David and Maria (we need to give you guys a name–the Gaggle of Four? The MLA Marauders? Help me?)–who have the gall to think they can be on the ballot of the next Executive Council election of the MLA. My intended audience with that post was current members of the MLA who can actually sign the petition, and as such I didn’t really explain a bunch of things that definitely warrant explaining. Now I’m going to do that! Hooray!

But before I do, this is what His Tenured Rabblerousingness Marc Bousquet had to say about my endorsement (plucked from the obscurity of my comment threads):

I just want it on the record that Schuman said “Please” before launching this fireball. After 25 years in this profession, I remain astonished at how few people are willing to…

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