Why you should blog and tweet about your research

I just received an update from Altmetric about one of the publications I’m tracking. I think it’s a good paper but its relative visibility online obviously stems from my own tendency to blog and tweet about it. Early adopters will inevitably gain more rewards in this respect but I’m nonetheless convinced that everyone should blog and tweet about their publications if they want to maximise the number of people who read them. Another idea that just occurred to me is the possible value of thematic aggregators as a way of overcoming the inequality of reach on Twitter (i.e. the more followers you have the more visible your papers will be) – so an account that aggregates publications for a particular topic. I’ll have a think about this and I’ll possibly setup a @sociologicaltheory or @sexualitystudies account in the next few days.

Screen shot 2014-04-15 at 09.16.41

2 responses to “Why you should blog and tweet about your research”

  1. You know I agree with you. My previously languishing PhD thesis from 2001 now has over 500 views because of social networking. Boom!

  2. So many unloved and forgotten manuscripts languishing in isolation because no one is tweeting about them….

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