After Kinsey: (Re)Theorising Sexuality afnd Gender in a ‘Post-Closet’ Context

After Kinsey:
(Re)Theorising Sexuality and Gender in a ‘Post-Closet’ Context

Thursday 26th – Friday 27th June 2014

Radcliffe, University of Warwick

This concluding seminar will consider the epistemic, intersubjective and affective implications of ‘trans’ culture, discourse and practice.

It will ask whether, to what degree and in what terms does the emergence of ‘trans’ challenge conceptual norms across different cultural sites from professional to popular to everyday practice.

What challenges do the epistemic underpinnings of ‘trans’ herald for sexuality and gender studies? Does ‘trans’ represent a ‘post-closet’ epistemology? Does it represent an emergent meta-narrative and, in its wake, a transformed ‘post Kinsey’ understanding of gender, sexuality, bodies and experience?

Zowie Davy
Mijke van der Drift
Kat Gupta
Sally Hines
Chryssy Hunter
Surya Monro
Tobia Raun

Natacha Kennedy
Lyndsey Moon
Ruth Pearce

The event will run from 12pmThursday 26th June to 1pmFriday 27th June.

Meals and accommodation will be provided for all attendees, including: lunch and an evening meal on the first day, breakfast on the second day, refreshments including tea and coffee, and a hotel room in the Radcliffe conference centre.

Attendance is free and all are welcome. However places are strictly limited, so please register!

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