About Participation Now

Participation Now is a new Open University/OpenLearn web platform built for those interested in exploring and critically reflecting on emerging developments in the field of public participation and public engagement.


Participation Now offers access to:

– A unique, searchable and expanding collection of over 100 very diverse examples of participatory public engagement sourced from social movements, NGOs, art, government, science and many other domains

– A lively, practical and scholarly debate about the possibilities and difficulties of participatory public engagement that Participation Now is hosting with openDemocracy.net

If you are a researcher or practitioner working in this area Participation Now is looking for short (250-750 word) contributions that draw on your own research and/or experiences related to public participation and public engagement. For more details, see the call for contributions:

The Participation Now/openDemocracy page is here: http://www.opendemocracy.net/section-debate-or-blog-style/participation-now

To keep up with the ongoing development of this project, follow us on Twitter: @NowParticipate or email: Participation-Now@open.ac.uk

Participation Now is a research and development project led by Open University researchers Dr Nick Mahony and Dr Hilde C. Stephansen. The project has been set up to support ongoing debates and developments in the field of participatory public engagement and networking between practitioners and researchers active in this field. The project is supported by the Open University’s Creating Publics project, OpenLearn and the RCUK-funded Open University Catalyst project.

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