4D Research: Early experiences of Designing, Debating, Doing and Disseminating Social Research.

4D Research:  Early experiences of Designing, Debating, Doing and Disseminating Social Research.

7th ENQUIRE Postgraduate Conference, 14th  November 2014

Call for Abstracts

This conference aims to bring together post-graduate researchers from a variety of disciplines to facilitate shared critical engagement with the various obstacles and opportunities of the PhD process. 

We are pleased to confirm our keynote speaker:

  • Alan Bryman, Professor of Organisational and Social Research, University of Leicester

Whilst the PhD process is often referred to as a ‘journey’, we tend to hear more about the destination rather than the pit-stops and bumps that occur along the way.  As postgraduate researchers ourselves, we recognise that the PhD process is complex, non-linear and rife with ambiguity.  Nonetheless it is a privileged opportunity that allows individuals to devote three years to the detailed exploration of a subject they are passionate about. With this in mind, we are seeking to present a conference which explores individuals’ candid stories of the various ups and downs of the PhD process, across social science disciplines.

Therefore, we are eager to hear about individuals’ experiences throughout their PhD; from initial ideas at the masters level right through to the dissemination of published work. The aim is to facilitate mutual discussion and debate which enables people to learn from the experiences of others.  We are therefore inviting researchers to share honest accounts of aspects of the research process which include, but are not limited to, reflexive considerations of:

Ø  Designing: Literature review; research questions; methodological design and it’s limitations; planning for practicalities

Ø  Doing: Access; consent; data generation/collection; administration; emotional well-being

Ø  Debating: reflexivity; ethics; validating and justifying your work

Ø  Disseminating: Social media; public speaking to diverse audiences; impact; publishing; how to deal with misinterpretation of your findings

This conference will be most relevant to:

  • MA research methods students (with the intention of PhD study)
  • People exploring the option of PhD study
  • Current PhD students at all stages

Email abstracts to: LQ-Enquire@exmail.nottingham.ac.uk

Deadline for submissions:  11th April 2014

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