iOS7 broke my iPad (part 2)

Ever since I installed iOS7 on my iPad, my disk space has been mysteriously vanishing at a slightly terrifying pace. I’ve been forced to delete things every time I download something new, to the point where my iPad has few apps and zero music or videos remaining on the disk. The usage metrics on the iPad itself have tended to show around 3GB while ‘free space’ has been 0GB i.e. space has been vanishing that isn’t accounted for by any individual app.

I just did a full reset of my iPad for the second time. The process frees up some of the space that has vanished (9.15GB) but it still leaves 14.39GB of ‘other’. What is this? I’ve just wasted an hour searching forums and I can find lots of people with the same experience but no viable solution. It’s almost impressive how bad iOS7 is. I don’t deny for a second that many have had no problems with the update but, solely through the hours I’ve wasted browsing forums to try and fix this, I must have read hundreds of reports of problems of the scale I’m having. Plus these are presumably reflective of a much broader selection of people whose accounts I haven’t read.
Screen shot 2014-02-10 at 11.31.07


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