Past, present and future: 25 years of CAQDAS

Past, present and future: 25 years of CAQDAS

1st – 3rd May 2014, Horsley Park, Surrey, England

 Call for Papers – Deadline Extended to 29th February 2014

The use of computers to facilitate qualitative analysis is not new, with the first packages becoming commercially available from the mid- 1980s. 1989 saw the first ever conference on qualitative software, convened by Ray Lee, Nigel Gilbert and Nigel Fielding. This conference, 25 years later, presents the opportunity to reflect on where we have come from, where we are now, and where we are going in the field of Computer Assisted Qualitative Data AnalysiS (CAQDAS).

Confirmed speakers include
Dr Grant Blank Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford, UK

Professor Nigel Fielding CAQDAS Networking Project, University of Surrey, UK

Professor Simon Lindgren Department of Sociology, Umea University, Sweden

Professor Clive Seale Department of Sociology, Brunel University, UK

For more information see the website

Abstract submissions

We invite abstract submissions for oral paper presentations and posters around the following themes:

1.       The role of methods teaching in learning to use qualitative software

2.       Software supported visual analysis

3.       Big data, social media analysis, text mining

4.       Software supported mixing of methods

5.       Collaborative working in the context of qualitative technology

6.       Writing and representing qualitative findings


Abstracts must:

–          Not exceed 300 words

–          Have a clear title and state which conference theme they fit into

–          State authors’ name, organisational affiliation and role (e.g. student, research fellow, lecturer etc.)

–          State whether the abstract proposal is for an oral paper presentation or a poster

–          Be written concisely and clearly in English

–          Be submitted as a one page MS Word document (not a PDF) to

–          Be submitted by Friday 28th February 2014 

Please note we will NOT be accepting oral papers describing the results of research undertaken using qualitative software. The focus is on the innovative use of software itself – i.e. for particular methodological approaches, types of data, project dynamics or representing findings; on ways in which CAQDAS packages are being taught; implications arising from developments in the field; or limitations of CAQDAS tools for particular approaches.

Proposals will be reviewed by the programme committee and external advisors expert in the six themes of the conference. Reviewers are:

– Jeanine Evers, Evers Research & Training, Den Haag, the Netherlands
– Graham Gibbs, Dept. of Behavioural and Social Sciences, University of Huddersfield, UK
– Aine Humble Family Studies and Gerontology, Mount St Vincent University, Halifax, Canada
– Jennifer Patashnick, Qualitative Data Analysis Services, Boston, US
– Nick Woolf, Woolf Consulting, Santa Barbara, US
-Christina Silver, CAQDAS Networking Project, Guildford, United Kingdom

Conference proceedings

It is the intention to publish proceedings of the conference. Details will be provided once arrangements have been finalised.

Software break-outs

Representatives from many leading CAQDAS software companies will be at the conference and several software companies are sponsoring the event. There will be opportunities for delegates to meet with developers, to find out about future developments and receive advice about the use of software tools.

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