CFP: Homophobia Rewritten

Homophobia Rewritten:New Literary Perspectives on Violence and Sexuality

An AHRC-funded Symposium

Friday, 13 June 2014
Birkbeck, University of London

How are attacks on queer lives and nonnormative bodies represented in fiction and other forms of cultural production? What forms of resistance and modes of being different are imagined in these texts? This one-day symposium turns attention to the literary and cultural engagements with, and responses, to homophobia. It explores representations of intimate lives lived with and against the threat of violence, and documents anti-homophobia and other forms of resistance, to ask new questions about the interlinked cultures, histories, experiences and politics of violence and sexuality across time and place. Papers may address, but are not limited to, the following themes, genres, & concerns:

Literary & Cultural Histories of (Anti-) Homophobia
(Anti-) Homophobia in Fiction / Graphic Novels / Film
Representations of (Anti-) Homophobia in Popular Culture / Music / Visual Culture / Sport
Hate / Racism / Antisemitism
Colonialism / Postcolonialism
Identities / Bodies / Gender / Class / Race
Modernity / the Contemporary
Medicine / Law / New Knowledge Formations
Translation / Migration /Poverty / Wealth

Keynote: Professor Alison Donnell (Reading)

300-word proposals for 20-minute papers on any aspect of homophobia or anti-homophobia in literary and cultural contexts should be emailed to the organizer, Dr Heike Bauer ( by 31 March 2014. Please also include a short biographical note.

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