The most popular posts on my blog in 2013

17 reasons why you should blog about your research

The Sociology of Intellectual Faddishness or, Why it’s unfair to blame everything on Foucault

How to write 1000 words a day and not go bat shit crazy (within the first two weeks)

“Where the fuck do they get their shit from!?”: Reality Television, Austerity Politics and Digital Public Sociology

CFP: The Para-Academic Handbook: A Toolkit for making-learning-creating-acting

What’s the point of ontology? Outline of an approach to the sociology of social theory

Why sexual people don’t get asexuality and why it matters

Sociologists and anthropologists reflect on the craft of writing

Asexuality and Its Implications for Sexuality Studies

What is Digital Sociology?

Interested in Asexuality Studies? Everything you need to get started contained within

‘Shaking Up’ the Social Sciences

Noam Chomsky Calls Postmodern Critiques of Science Over-Inflated “Polysyllabic Truisms”

CfP: Quantified Self and Self-Tracking

The Empty ‘Posturing’ of Žižek and Lacan?

Academics: bring your own identity

“So what exactly is this Digital Sociology group going to do then…?”

What the other social sciences can learn from economics

The Sociology of Thinking

Social media training resources produced by researchers at the University of Warwick

The Sociology of Awkwardness

An interview with David Jay: Why Asexuality Matters For The Future of Sexual Culture

Rethinking sociological craft in an age of austerity – an interview with Les Back

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