Reading the Fifty Shades phenomenon; free access till March

You can access this special issue of Sexualities, edited by Ruth A Deller, Sarah Harman, and Bethan Jones, free till March.

Ruth A Deller, Sarah Harman, and Bethan Jones
Introduction to the special issue: Reading the Fifty Shades ‘phenomenon’

Angelika Tsaros
Consensual non-consent: Comparing EL James’s Fifty Shades of Grey and Pauline Réage’s Story of O

Alex Dymock
Flogging sexual transgression: Interrogating the costs of the ‘Fifty Shades effect’

Meg Barker
Consent is a grey area? A comparison of understandings of consent in Fifty Shades of Grey and on the BDSM blogosphere

Deborah Whitehead
When religious ‘mommy bloggers’ met ‘mommy porn’: Evangelical Christian and Mormon women’s responses to Fifty Shades

Ruth A Deller and Clarissa Smith
Reading the BDSM romance: Reader responses to Fifty Shades

Sarah Harman and Bethan Jones
Fifty shades of ghey: Snark fandom and the figure of the anti-fan

IQ Hunter
Pre-reading and failing to read Fifty Shades of Grey

Feona Attwood and Caroline Walters
Fifty Shades and the law: Regulating sex and sex media in the UK

Amber Martin
Fifty Shades of sex shop: Sexual fantasy for sale

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