BSA Education Study Group Study Day 17 September

BSA Sociology of Education
Study Group one day Conference & re-launch
Young Peoples Educational Identities in Challenging Times

Tuesday 17 September 2013, 10:30-16:30
BSA Meeting room, Imperial Wharf, London
Keynote Speaker – Sara Delamont (Cardiff University), Winner of the 2013 BSA Distinguished Service Award

Over the past 70 years the field of the sociology of education has continually focused on how education affects young people’s life chances and social mobility, and the ways in which social class, gender, ethnicity, sexuality and disability influence access to educational opportunities, as well as how schools and other educational institutions are organised both internally and externally. The continued relevance of the discipline in analysing the ways in which sociological theories and research help us to understand the sorts of issues which confront students, teachers and parents, as well as policy-makers, is extremely important in the current climate. While much has changed in the last 70 years social class (and other) inequalities remain strong and are evidently increasing under the current coalition government. This one day conference seeks to discuss the ways in which these issues are being explored sociologically, and how these approaches relate to and differ from classical studies (e.g. Jackson and Marsden 1962; Lacey 1970; Delamont 1976; Willis 1977). The scope of the day is extremely wide and we encourage empirical and accessible theoretical papers that consider the changes, challenges, and continuities in young people’s educational identities in contemporary society.

Conference registration cost: BSA members £25 & Non-members £30, includes lunch and refreshments. To register please go to:
Places are limited so early booking is recommended. For further information please contact: or telephone: (0191) 383 0839

For academic queries please contact: Dr Mike Ward or Dr Nicola Ingram:

Find out more about the BSA Sociology of Education Study Group at:

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