Conference: Recognising Diversity? Gender and Sexual Equalities In Principle and Practice

Recognising Diversity?: Gender and Sexual Equalities In Principle and Practice marks the end of the research project ‘Recognising Diversity?: Equalities In Principle and Practice’, funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) (PI. Dr. Sally Hines, Centre for Interdisciplinary Gender Studies (CIGS), University of Leeds).  The project was designed to provide knowledge transfer of the PI’s previous research, which explored understandings, meanings and significance of the UK Gender Recognition Act (GRA). Set within the context of an increasing legal, policy and political focus on ‘equality’ and ‘diversity’, and a raft of other legal and policy shifts around gender and sexuality, the GRA promised increased rights and recognition for trans people. Yet, the project found that whilst some trans people were afforded increased levels of citizenship, others were further marginalised. Fuelled by ‘rights based’ claims for inclusion founded on notions of ‘sameness’, findings from the project suggested that equality and diversity agendas fail to account for ‘difference’.

This 2 Day Conference explores these issues in relation to UK gender and sexualities equalities and diversities more broadly. In keeping with the aims of the knowledge transfer award, it seeks to bring academics working around equalities and diversities together with policy makers, activists, journalists, artists, and support organisations, to explore the significance of recent UK cultural, social, political, legal, and policy shifts which address gender and sexuality. The conference centres the importance of dialogue both across academic disciplines and between academic and non-academic members, activist and user-group communities.

DAY 1: 20/06/2013

8.15-9.00       Registration and Refreshments

9.00-9.15       Conference Day 1 Opening: Sally Hines

9.-15-11.00     Panel 1: Community Organising and Policy Responses: Chair Sally Hines

James Morton (Scottish Transgender Alliance):‘UK Trans Equality Legislation: Policy and Practice Changes’
SAFRA Project: ‘Policy and Queer Muslim Women’
Jeff Evans (Schools Out): ‘The Prevalence of Homophobia in Schools Survey Campaign’
Eleanor Formby (Sheffield Hallam University): ‘Living Censored Lives? Engagement with ‘Community’ among LGBT People in the UK’
Bernard Reed (OBE) and Terry Reed (OBE) (Trustees of GIRES): ‘Combating Transphobic Bullying in Schools’ (Short Presentation)

11.00-12.30     Panel 2: Policy Change and Resistance: Chair Maria Do Mar Pereira

Diane Richardson (Newcastle University): ‘Mind the Gap: Policy Change and Forms of Resistance to Implementing Sexualities Equalities Initiatives’
Davina Cooper (University of Kent): ‘Christian Accommodation and State Theory’
Yvette Taylor (London South Bank University): ‘Diversities’ ‘etc.’ Ticking Boxes, Listing Lives?’
Irene Gedalof (London Metropolitan University): ‘Turning Around Equalities: Narratives of Difference in an Age of Austerity’

12.30-1.30      LUNCH

1.30.-3.00      Panel 3: Cultural Politics: Chair Zowie Davy

Paris Lees (Journalist and Editor: ‘META’ and ‘Gay Times’): ‘Whoever Speaks to Me in the Right Voice: Making Things Better Through Positive Engagement’
Mark Carrigan (Sociologist and Academic Technologist): ‘Social Media and Academic Outreach: The Ramifications of Technology for Theory and Practice’
Helen Belcher (Trans Media Watch and Parliamentary Forum on Gender Identity): ‘Challenging Cisgenderism in the British Media’
Juliet Jacques (Journalist and LGBT activist): ‘CONUNDRUM: The Dilemmas in Transsexual Narratives’

3.00-4.30       Panel 4: Queer(y)ing Activism and Theory: Chair Jo Woodiwiss

Maria Do Mar Pereira (University of Leeds): ‘Of Public Speeches and Corridor Talk: Resistance to Feminist and Queer Research in Contemporary Academia’
Matthew Waites (University of Glasgow): ‘Academics, Movements, NGOs and Publics: Critical Dialogues in LGBT and Queer Politics’
Tracey Yeadon-Lee (University of Huddersfield):  ‘Transphobic Hostility Within ‘Radical’ Feminism: Critical Reflections’
Francis Ray White (University of Westminster) ‘Fat and Trans: Queering the Activist Body’

4.30-5.00       COFFEE BREAK

5.00-6.30       Panel 5: Intersecting Inequalities: Chair Sam de Bois

Sarah Lamble (Birkbeck, University of London): ‘Equalities and Diversities Beyond the Carceral State’
Liz McDermott (University of York): ‘The World Some Have Won: Class, Sexuality and the Making of Inequality’
Robert Vanderbeck (University of Leeds): ‘Religion, Sexual Orientation, and Hate Speech’
Kay Inkle (Plymouth University): ‘Disablism or Diversity? A Crip Interrogation of Bodies, Sexualities and Genders’

6.30            Conference Day 1 Closing: Sally Hines

7.30+           CONFERENCE DINNER

Reading and Q & A: Serge Nicholson and Laura Bridgeman (hotpencil Press): There Is No Word for It: Trans MANgina Monologues

DAY 2: 21/06/2013

8.30-9.15:      Registration and Tea/Coffee

9.15 –9.30:     Conference Day 2 Opening: Sally Hines

9.30-11.00:     Panel 1: Intimate Diversities: Chair Sally Hines

Paul Simpson (University of Manchester): ‘Oppression, Tolerance or Civil Indifference?  Middle-aged Gay Men Experiences of Manchester’s Heterospaces’.
Surya Monro (University of Huddersfield and Bi-Activist): ‘Bisexuality, Diversity and a Lack of Recognition’
Jamie Heckert (Anarchist Studies Network): ‘Bringing Equality to Life: A Queer Approach’
Grant Denkinson (Founder of Polyday) ‘Currents and Undercurrents in UK Polyamorous Communities’

11.00-12.30:    Panel 2: Resisting Liberation Narratives: Chair Stefanie Boulila

Eleanor Wilkinson (University of Leeds): ‘Marriage is a Privilege not a Right’: A Feminist Reading of the ‘Equal Love’ Campaign’
Nicola Barker (University of Kent): ‘A Perfect Couple: State Austerity and the Conservative Proposal of Same-Sex Marriage’
Shelley Budgeon (University of Birmingham): ‘Gender Equality: “What’s the Problem?”
Bim Adewunmi  (Journalist and  Blogger) ‘The Black Correspondent’

12.30-1.30:     LUNCH

1.30-2.00:      Performance: Side by Side (GLBT Youth Theatre): Chair: Sally Hines

2.00-3.45:      Panel 3: Community Organising: Chair Sally Hines

Christie Elan-Cane (NON-GENDERED – Fighting for Legal Recognition): ‘NON-GENDERED – Fighting for Legal Recognition’
Jenny- Anne Bishop Jenny- Anne Bishop (Parliamentary Forum on Gender Identity, Trustee and an Organiser of Sparkle (Manchester Trans* Pride), &  Co-ordinator of TransForum: ‘Prejudice or Recognition & Equality? Mobilising the Trans Community’
Sonny van Eden and Andrew Dallamore (FtM London): ‘Trans Mens’ Community Organising’
Lee Gale (TM Training): ‘The Invisible Man: The Impact of Communities Shared’

Short Film Screening: Trans Men Are… (Produced and Directed by Serge Nicholson and Tom O’ Tottenham in partnership with GALOP, 2012) Introduced by Serge Nicholson

3.45-4.15:      COFFEE BREAK

4.15-5.45:      Panel 4: Practices and Policies of Care Chair: Surya Monro

Andrew Gilliver (Lesbian and Gay Foundation: LGB Community Leaders – addressing health inequalities experienced by lesbian, gay and bisexual people.
Zowie Davy (University of Lincoln): ‘Recognition in the DSM V: Gender Dysphoria and the Semantics of Power’
Bernard Reed (OBE) and Terry Reed (OBE) (Trustees of GIRES): ‘Improving Trans Health Care’
Ryan Combs (University of Manchester): ‘Service User Experiences of Trans Health Care in the UK: What Needs to Change and Why?’

5.45-6.30:      Film Screening: Millennium Man (Produced and Directed by Jason Barker, 2001) followed by Talk and Q & A with Jason Barker: Chair Sally Hines

6.30:           Conference Close: Sally Hines

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