Month: May 2013

I wrote last week about my interest in sociological craft and increasing preoccupation with the idea of creating a forum (probably as part of within which accomplished sociologists could reflect on the processes underlying their work in ways which would be helpful to PhDs/ECRs as well as addressing broader disciplinary questions about the purpose […]

The second seminar in the CSWG Graduate Seminar Series this term is entitled ‘Negotiating Modern Masculinities‘. The seminar will be held on Wednesday the 5th of June, 5pm-7pm in the Ramphal Builing, room R0.14. Presentations include: Joseph Oldham, University of Warwick – ‘The ‘Blair Masculinity’ in British Spy Fiction’ Emma Hutchinson, University of Warwick – […]

Individuality is at first spontaneous and unshaped; it is a potentiality, a capacity for development. Even so it is a unique manner of acting in and with a world of objects and persons. It is not something complete in itself, like a closet in a house or a secret drawer in a desk, filled with treasures that are waiting […]

In the appendix to Sociological Imagination, entitled On Intellectual Craftsmanship, C. Wright Mills advocates keeping a file or journal within which to record your ideas. He argues that doing so: encourages you to capture ‘fringe-thoughts’: various ideas which may be by-products of everyday life, snatches of conversation overheard on the street, or, for that matter, dreams. […]

This isn’t the blog post I have intended to write for ages about LS Lowry’s profoundly sociological sensibility. But it is a percursor to it because this article so succinctly describes exactly the point I’m trying to make about Lowry’s work: What is amazing, and what confounds all efforts to cram Lowry into boxes marked “pessimism” […]

Tuesday 16th July 2013 BSA Meeting Room, Suite 2, 2 Station Court Imperial Wharf, Fulham, London SW6 2PY This inaugural event for the BSA’s Digital Sociology Group brings together a diverse range of speakers who, in a variety of ways, work within the nascent field of digital sociology. Rather than proceed from a substantive account […]

BSA TEACHING GROUP CONFERENCE Saturday 15th June 2013 Nottingham Trent University Sponsored by the Higher Education Academy  The BSA’s Teaching Group is pleased to announce a regional conference hosted by the School of Social Sciences at Nottingham Trent University. This event is aimed specifically at sociology teachers and will bring together a variety of guest speakers in […]

Facet methodology – principles and practices workshop Wednesday 12 June 2013 2pm – 4pm Professor Jennifer Mason, Co-director, Centre for the Study of Relationships and Personal Life Registration fee @ £50.00 gy/ ‘Facet methodology’ – is an inventive orientation to researching the multidimensionality of everyday lives and relationships, which puts researcher creativity and imagination […]

Post-structuralism exchanges the undesirable situation of lack of communication between the social sciences for the equally undesirable one where the internal logic of each subdiscipline is completely ignored. To be specific, there is little satisfaction with the present status quo where the boundaries between economics, political science, sociology and anthropology have become solid blinkers preventing […]

‘The role of celebrity in young people’s classed and gendered aspirations’ is an ESRC funded research project which examines the relationship between celebrity culture, inequalities of class and gender and young people’s educational experiences, identities and transitions. The project has an active website ( ) and twitter account (@CelebYouthUK) and the team regularly post blogs about […]

By maintaining its specialized logic and orientation it is capable of providing a set of conceptual tools that can operate as a theoretical lingua franca, as a flexible vocabulary with no foundationalist pretensions, which can help sociologists establish bridges between their own and other disciplines, as well as between competing social science paradigms. This is […]

Holly Falconer and I are working on a project exploring asexuality through photography. Over the past two years she has done portraits of people across the UK, and is now looking for a few more volunteers to complete the project. She is especially seeking people over the age of 40 and couples. You can read […]

Call for Papers and Participants Gendered Knowledges: An interdisciplinary workshop The Gendered Knowledges project is holding a Gender and Sexuality(ies) Interdisciplinary Workshop on 12th June 2013 at the University of Warwick. Gendered Knowledges is a newly launched research project that aims to explore radical interdisciplinary pedagogies in relation to Gender and Sexuality. The project, funded […]

All these changes in scholarship have been taken up with a great deal more enthusiasm by some in the academy than others.  Our colleagues in the humanities have embraced digital technologies much more readily than those of us in sociology or the social sciences more generally.  A casual survey of the blogosphere reveals that those […]

Queer Feminine Affinities Call for Submissions Deadline 31st July 2013 Website: Email: Queer Feminine Affinities aspires to become the first collaborative book that collects a diverse variety of written and visual materials by, on and for femme, queer, alternative and subversive feminine voices and communities emerging from within the UK. Inspired by collections like Joan […]