For anyone at the Royal Geographical Society conference in August…

You should come to this:

Queer geographies and the politics of anti-normativity (2) 

Convenor(s): Eleanor Wilkinson (University of Leeds):

Chair(s): Eleanor Wilkinson (University of Leeds)

Sponsored by: Space Sexualities and Queer Research Group

  • ·         The Moral Geography of Sexuality and Deviance
    Sharon Hayes (Queensland University of Technology)
  • ·         “Oh! There are other people just like me? I’m not so weird after all”: the transformation of anti-normative politics in late capitalism
    Mark Carrigan (University of Warwick)
  • ·         Transnormative or transgressive: desires for transition in a youth group for trans and genderqueer young people
    Andolie Marguerite (Goldsmiths, University of London)
  • ·         Queer Cambodia: using queer theory to question sex, gender and sexuality in post-conflict Cambodia
    Jessica Kitsell  (University of London)
  • ·         Discussant
    Yvette Taylor (Newcastle University)