Month: March 2013

You should come to this: Queer geographies and the politics of anti-normativity (2)  Convenor(s): Eleanor Wilkinson (University of Leeds): Chair(s): Eleanor Wilkinson (University of Leeds) Sponsored by: Space Sexualities and Queer Research Group ·         The Moral Geography of Sexuality and Deviance Sharon Hayes (Queensland University of Technology) ·         “Oh! There are other people just like me? I’m not so weird […]

In a recent post Nicholas Carr, author of The Shallows, offered a really interesting critique of what has become an increasingly influential idea within the sociological blogosphere: digital dualism. He begins with what is probably the clearest summary of digital dualism I have yet to encounter: The distinction between online and offline is an outdated holdover from […]

Deborah is an advocate of using social and other digital media for professional purposes. She blogs at ‘This Sociological Life’, tweets @DALupton, has a number of Pinterest boards and Storify presentations dealing with her current research interests and administers three Facebook pages: Sociology of Health, Illness and Medicine, Digital Sociology and Sociology of Parenting. She contributes pieces to The Conversation and Crikey online discussion sites and is […]

A powerful speech by Mike Prysner, a US army veteren turned anti-war activist, given at the Winter Soldier symposium. This event involved anti-war veterans from around the US coming together to give testimony about their experiences on the grounds in Iraq and Afghanistan, with scholars, journalists and other activists offering responses and context to the veteren’s testimony. […]

Ethnographic Methods: ethics, practice and theory 12.00-17.00, Thursday, 23 May 2013 The University of Warwick At its best, ethnography – often glossed as ‘participant observation’ – has provided sociology and other social researchers with a valuable tool for apprehending a world in flux. Across the humanities and social sciences (e.g. cultural studies, social anthropology, sociology), […]

The next meeting in the WMS Education Research Seminar series will be at 2pm on Thursday 21st March in GLT4 in the Medical School building. The seminar will be led by David Seedhouse, creator of the Values Exchange. The Values Exchange is an innovative web-based community that fosters personal reflection and informed debate on case studies on any […]

Subjectivity and Subculture ~ One Day Symposium ~ Monday 10th June 2013: 9:00am-6:30pm Institute of Advanced Study, Milburn House, University of Warwick We are delighted to announce that Dr Rupa Huq, Senior Lecturer in Sociology at Kingston University, and Dr Shane Blackman, Professor in Media, Art and Design at Canterbury Christ Church University, will give keynote papers at […]

How did Thinking Culture come about?  Has the way you’ve used the blog changed over time?  How does your blog connect with the rest of your work? Do you ever have trouble finding time to blog?  So is curation a central part of you use social media?  Does blogging provide a space for things which […]

Thursday, 4 July 2013 to Friday, 5 July 2013 Location: CRASSH, Alison Richard Building, 7 West Road, Cambridge CB3 9DT Summary This conference brings together social scientists, gender scholars, sexologists, psychiatrists, historians of science, as well as mental health practitioners and sexual rights activists to critically explore the sexual classifications produced by the 5th edition […]

Sociology and the Global Economic Crisis Special Issue Call for Papers Deadline for submissions: 31 August 2013 Editorial Team: Ana C. Dinerstein (University of Bath), Gregory Schwartz (University of Bath) and Graham Taylor (University of the West of England) We hear it, see it, and read about it everywhere; yet, to what extent are we […]

After listening to a description of ‘voice hearing’ on Radio 4 last Saturday, I find myself fascinated by the relationship such pathological/pathologised forms of inner speech have to the everyday forms of inner speech which are so central to my own work. The phenomenology described by the radio guest was fascinating: the inner ‘other’ was […]

Tuesday March 5th: Asexuality 101 – Lunchtime talk – Foster Court 130 (UCL) ‘An informal lunchtime introductory talk on asexuality as part of Asexual Awareness Week, organised by UCL’s LGBT+ Curious to learn more about this lesser known orientation? Come along to find out more. Free lunch provided! Open to everyone, and room is fully […]

One important objection to the notion of ‘internal conversation’ rests on a broader trend within contemporary social theory that is concerned with the possibility that theoretical claims about agency lead proponents to make claims about agents which are empirically inadequate. So too that these ensuing claims might find themselves implicated, knowingly or otherwise, in broader […]