What does the future hold for ethnography? An interview with Alex Smith

In this interview I talk to Alex Smith (right) about the New Ethnographies book series he edits. I was interested in this series because of its deliberate intention to embrace and ferment the extension and productive growth of this most traditional of qualitative approaches. As Alex describes in the forward to the series which is quoted from below:

This includes the growing number of books that seek to apprehend the  ‘new’ ethnographic objects of a seemingly brave new world, some recent examples  of which have included auditing, democracy and elections, documents, financial  markets, human rights, assisted reproductive technologies and political activism. Analysing such objects has often demanded new skills and techniques from the ethnographer. As a result, this series will give voice to those using ethnographic methods across disciplines to innovate, such as through the application  of multi-sited fieldwork and the extended comparative case study method. Such  innovations have often challenged more traditional ethnographic approaches. New Ethnographies therefore seeks to provide a platform for emerging scholars  and their more established counterparts engaging with ethnographic methods in new and imaginative ways.

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