Hypoactive Skydiving Disorder

Have you ever skydived before? Of course  most people haven’t and have no interest in it. I have, and for me, it was a thrill. But do those who have not had, and do not want to have, this experience have a disorder? So, if you don’t want this experience, should we diagnose you with, say, hypoactive skydiving disorder because you eschew this thrilling life activity?

Tony Bogaert, Understanding Asexuality, Pg 113.

One thought on “Hypoactive Skydiving Disorder”

  1. I’m reading this book too and it has been so nice to read something that’s both informed and funny (and not even in the “I have to laugh or I’d cry kind of way)! I met Dr. Bogaert once and I’ll be honest, never expected his book would be this much fun to read. I was planning to write a review with my favorite lines from every chapter.

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