New Seminar from CRFR: Disclosing the trauma of child sexual abuse: a gender analysis

Disclosing the trauma of child sexual abuse: a gender analysis
Wednesday 24th October 2012
Free to attend however places are limited
St Trinneans Room, St Leonards Hall, Pollock Halls of Residence, Edinburgh

Child sexual abuse occurs with both girls and boys, although much more
research has been done with girls. In her qualitative investigation Ramona
Alaggia interviewed both female and male survivors of child sexual abuse to
understand their experiences of disclosing their victimization. While there
were strong similarities in disclosure patterns, findings showed noteworthy
differences connected to gender and disclosure. The overall trend for both
genders was toward delaying disclosure, and for those who tried to disclose
in childhood, attempts were often made in indirect ways with inadequate
responses. However, men reported difficulty disclosing because they feared
being viewed as victimized (weak), complicit in the abuse, or having their
sexuality questioned. Women’s difficulties centered on feeling conflicted
about responsibility for the abuse, and they more strongly anticipated being
blamed or not believed. Individual factors were one consideration, however,
broader environmental conditions such societal and cultural elements have an
impact on disclosure from an ecological perspective.

To reserve a place at the seminar please complete the on-line booking form

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