BSA Presidential Event: Understanding the financial crisis: sociology, political economy and heterodox economics

BSA Presidential Event, together with FESSUD and the British Library

‘Understanding the financial crisis: sociology, political economy and heterodox economics’

British Library Conference Centre, London

Monday 8 October 2012; 10am – 4.10pm

The BSA President, Professor John Holmwood, announces a one-day seminar  on the financial crisis, organised in collaboration with Dr Andrew Brown of FESSUD (an EU 7th Research Framework Programme funded project on ‘Financialisation,  Economy, Society and Sustainable Development’ hosted at Leeds University Business School).

Speakers include:

Andrew Brown (Leeds University Business School)

Mathew Bond (London South Bank University)

Julie Froud (Manchester Business School)

Juan Pablo Pardo-Guerra (LSE)

Malcolm Sawyer (Leeds University Business School)

David Spencer (Leeds University Business School)

Alberto Toscano (Goldsmiths University of London)

Zsuzsanna Vargha (LSE)

The financial crisis of 2008 has been longstanding in its consequences and seemingly intractable in its resolution. It is widely understood to have arisen from the de-regulation of financial institutions and the emergence of increasingly complex financial instruments as well as a culture of risk associated with high rewards. The crisis took the discipline of economics by surprise leading to the Queen’s question of why there had been a failure to predict it. One response from a seminar organised by the BritishAcademy concluded that it was “principally a failure of the collective imagination of many bright people, both in this country and internationally, to understand the risks to the system as a whole” ( The present seminar is an exercise in alternative imaginations, both in accounting for the crisis and in providing alternatives.

Further information:

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