“Why do you find blogging useful as a researcher?”

I asked this question on Twitter a couple of days ago in preparation for a Blogging for Researchers workshop I’m running at the University of Warwick. I’ve included some of the answers I received below. I’ve also collated a collection of resources here. Part of the reason I asked this question was because I wanted to avoid inadvertently prioritising my own particular style of research blogging and increase my awareness of how other researchers use blogging. However I found it striking how similar the experience of others is to my own here, namely the role a blog can play as an ‘ideas garden’ helping to articulate and develop your thinking in a much more immediate way than other public forums allow.

William McGovern @will1mcgovern
its all about the networking and showing the willingness to be open to approaches whilst expressing an interest#intentional

Dr Karen McAulay @Karenmca
If blog read widely enough, get helpful comments in response. That apart, is useful marker to record progress.

Ian Milligan @ianmilligan1
Very welcome! Also, you can tell right away if a post worked or not, gives you good active/passive feedback to improve.

Terese @missing_words
blogging about a particular topic helps iron out my thoughts, which means i can articulate my ideas on topic better after

Elaine Aldred @EMAldred
I know what I say is going to be seen. Makes me think about how I use words. Making mental connections.

Dr Sarah Quinnell @sarahthesheepu
discipline for regular writing, public engagement I.e communicating beyond economy, thought forming, informal peer review

Eric Ritskes @eritskes
I find it helps break down my ideas/research into smaller, more accessible pieces & language for wider community engagement.

Christina Haralanova @ludost11
I like to use it as a journal — small findings, small peaces, to keep me updated on where I was, and where I am heading to.

Ian Milligan @ianmilligan1
Blogging distills my ideas down, leads me to accessible language- and my posts now grow into conference papers. V. positive!

Rachel R. Engler @rachelrengler
recently wrote up a magazine article/Writing style is VERY diff from academic wrk.Great lesson. Blogging could help w style.

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