Month: May 2012

Digital Change GPP Workshops for University of Warwick Researchers An introduction to multi-author blogging Tuesday, May 29th, 12pm to 1pm Research Exchange, Seminar Room 2 Register for the event here Introduction to academic podcasting 6th June, 12pm to 1pm Research Exchange, Seminar Room 1 Register for the event here Demystifying social media 18th June, 2pm […]

Faced with theoretical or philosophical positions that seem untenable, it is tempting to counter them by reversing or inverting them, for example, responding to empiricism’s belief in the rooting of knowledge in empirical observation by claiming knowledge to be independent of observation and observation to be wholly dependent on discourses. This strategy retains the problematic […]

31st May 12 noon to 3:30 pm (including lunch between 12 and 1) Scarman House This event has been designed to give attendees the ability to produce competitive Post-Doc funding applications by giving them the chance to listen to, and interact with, more experienced colleagues who have won Post-doc awards. Matthew Watson is Professor of Political […]

What we are attempting to accomplish is to marry our concerns to a way of life that allows their realization, a way of life about which we can be wholehearted, investing ourselves in it with each personifying its requirements in our and unique manner. Hence we gain and maintain some governance over our own lives. […]

I cut my teeth on the stone of a teenage romance I was the salt of the earth, I was hard, and the last of the independents And the breath from my chest I was blowing kerosene My lips and fingertips were stone, I wore my heart on my jeans I sang the blues like […]

Some initial thoughts for a talk i’m doing tomorrow: – what goes into producing a chapter or a paper? Lots of ideas, conversations, extracts from texts, chunks of writing etc. some of these have a social existence, in so far as they emerge out of formal or informal academic conversations, however most are private and […]

Staff and students announce protests against University of Sussex privatisation  Staff and students at the University of Sussex will be protesting against plans to privatise university’s support services next week.  Campus trade unions today (Friday) announced there will be protests on Tuesday (22 May) and Thursday (24 May) at 1pm at the university’s library square (see notes […]

In this video the Beardyman, UK beat boxer renowned for his use of live looping, collaborates with the visual artist mr_hopkinson to visually describe the practice. As someone who is fascinated by this kind of music but had never understood how it works, I was incredibly impressed by the articulacy of the visual message. The video communicates embodied practical knowledge through […]

I took a drive today, thought about you. Thought about a friend who passed, and how much we just went through. I saw the sun shine off the hood of a cadillac, I thought about some things i’d say, and some i would take back. I thought about how fortunate i feel to be alive. […]

The FWSA is now offering a small grant of £250 for workshops, seminars, conferences and networks organised by and aimed at postgraduate students. This money can be used for a variety of purposes and can be used alongside other awards. The lead organizers named on the application form must be FWSA members at the time the application and at the time the initiative is to take […]

Please forward this training event to all your colleagues. Many thanks.   Do you have an understanding of asexuality? What is the place of intimacy and amorous or romantic relationships within asexualities? What is your current thinking around sexual desire?   Asexuals are making themselves heard and thus are redefining what we understand by intimacy, […]

How civilised, as the Islington middle classes mindlessly parrot. You give the cunts a glass of wine and switch the fire on, and they say: ‘This is civilised.’ They cut some fucking pieces of ciabatta with a knife, and they go: ‘Isn’t this civilised?’ And you want to go: no, you daft cunt, no it’s […]

This podcast discusses cultural consumption in contemporary British society, exploring who does what and why, against the backdrop of the ethos of creative workers. The cultural ‘omnivore’ thesis is outlined and critiqued, suggesting the importance of expertise, social status and social class to understand cultural consumption. The podcast links consumption to production by linking creative […]

What cultural resources play a role in the lives of participants? How do they enable and constrain the commitments, projects and modus vivendi of participants? This constraint and enablement is mediated through internal conversation. Which cultural resources under which circumstances lead to personal morphogenesis? How do the former and the latter relate in leading to this outcome? Which cultural resources under which circumstances lead to personal morphostasis? How do […]