A round up of digital change & ePublishing stuff I’m going to come back to properly at a later date

Community Development Journal Plus – ePublishing as supplement to core journal

End user online survey of eBooks in Higher Education 

Sage encouraging and supporting the use of social media by their authors to reach a wider audience (see here and here)

The History Blogging Project – a case study worth looking at in greater depth for the report and perhaps trying to interview the author

Google Currents – I created a test account for Sociological Imagination which I  should go back to and have a proper play with at a later date

Course Smart – interesting ePublishing initiative worth looking at as a (mini?) case study

What fuels the most influential tweets – great analysis (and go through the original research) to substantiate a case about effective multimodal digital engagement for universities

Cambridge’s rather attractive approach to profiling research – I want to have a proper look at how this varies across universities, think about strengths and weaknesses, plus see how, if at all, these initiatives connect to wider ePublishing projects

Self publishing your own book is the new business card – what ideas does this hold for academic epublishing?

Mobile publishing tools – great round up of resources. are any of them relevant to epublishing in higher education?

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