BSA Teaching Group – Call for micro-lectures To all Postgraduates in Universities local to Birmingham


Call for micro-lectures

To all Postgraduates in Universities local to Birmingham

At the



Do you want to:

Enhance your profile?        

Keep sociology teachers up-to date?

Talk to the people who will be writing the next generation of textbooks for A level?

Reach an audience of potentially 35,000 A level students a year?

Increase sociology’s wider knowledge base?

Maybe influence wider society?

Then come and deliver a micro-lecture [about 15 minutes] on your research to a group

of committed sociology teachers who are eager to discover what the new research is showing.

We are looking for updates in all the fields covered by the current sociology syllabi from both OCR and AQA. These cover such areas as: culture and identity creation; differentiation; inequality and stratification; demography; welfare and government policy in most fields of life; family and households; the role of women; minority groups; aging; youth culture; all aspects of education especially potential changes and their effects on different groups within society; health and welfare; wealth and poverty and welfare provision; politics and power; globalisation in all  its many aspects; religion; crime and deviance; methodology; theory and the role of research.  If in doubt that your field would be relevant to us consult the syllabus or

Interested? Then contact Rachel Jones, conference organiser:

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