ePamphlets is a word I’m using until a better one occurs. As part of the process of continuous publishing , I’ll regularly curate ePamphlets based on my online work in the area. The kind of things they collect:

  • Podcasts
  • Videocasts
  • Blog
  • Extended chunks of writing
  • Quotes from reading (I’m also using the blog as my reference manager now)
  • Brain storming blog posts
  • Guest blogs on other sites
  • Anything else that seems pertinent!

My idea is that ePamphlets, produced through a process of research-orientated curation, can stand as a central bridge between themes explored in informal academic outputs (as the ‘gray literature’ moves increasingly online) and their eventual development into formal academic output. Crucially though, they can also stand as outputs in their own right e.g.  cataloguing events, preferably curating content from multiple contributors or proving an engaging ‘root in’ to an unfamiliar body of work .

In the menu bar you can see the ePamphlets I’ve started to work on. All still at a very early stage but I’m quite taken with the concept. I plan to use the development of my academia 2.0 ePamphlet to lay the groundwork (in the broadest sense of  the term) for the monograph of the same name I plan to commence after my PhD.

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