Social media training resources produced by researchers at the University of Warwick

  1. 10 ways researchers can use Twitter
  2. Creating a successful online presence
  3. Video interviews with Warwick bloggers
  4. Google scholar and its citation data
  5. Blog readership: build and maintain an audience
  6. Open access: what’s in it for you?
  7. Blogging about your research: first steps
  8. RSS Feeds: how they work
  9. Personal branding for researchers
  10. Facebook for researchers
  11. Making your blog more interactive
  12. Using Twitter to boost your research profile
  13. Enhancing your ePortfolio
  14. Blogging your research: tips for effective writing
  15. Podcasting your research
  16. Literature searching online
  17. Social bookmarking: organising and sharing sources
  18. Using LinkedIn to promote yourself
  19. What type of blogger are you? Blogging quiz
  20. Top 5 blogging tips
  21. Video essays
  22. Selling your research online: e-profiles for Arts PhDs
  23. The Research Exchange Youtube Channel
  24. Reflections on 23 Things
  25. A useful metaphor for teaching academics about Twitter
  26. Some thoughts on getting academic types to use Twitter
  27. “Why do you find Twitter useful as an academic?”
  28. Different uses which PhD students can make of Twitter

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