2012 Call for Papers about Asexuality

National Women’s Studies Association (NWSA)
2012 Call for Papers about Asexuality

November 8-11, 2012, Oakland, CA.

Papers on any topic at the intersection of women’s and gender studies and
asexuality will be considered.

At minimum, your submission should fall under one of the following themes
for NWSA 2012:
*Revolutionary Futures
*Traveling Theory
*Social Networks, Power, and Change
*Decolonizing Knowledge
*Creative Awakenings

For more information on the themes, visit: http://nwsa.org/

While this is an open call, topic suggestions include:
* Asexual Intersections (including with LGBTIQ, Race, Nationality,
Disability, Appearance/Beauty)
* Online Asexual Communities (AVEN, LiveJournal, Tumblr, etc)
* Asexual Activism & Visibility
* Teaching Asexuality Studies
* Asexual Discourses and Theory
* Asexual Research Methods
* Asexual Literature
* Asexual Artists & Artwork

If you are interested in being a part of the 2012 Asexuality Studies panels
at NWSA, please send the following info by February 13, 2012 to Regina M.
Wright: (wrightrm@indiana.edu). Please make sure receipt of your submission
is confirmed.

Your submission should include your:
*Name, Institutional Affiliation, Snail Mail, Email, Phone.
*NWSA Theme your paper fits under (and asexuality studies topic area/s if
yours fits any of the above).
*Title for your talk, a one-page, double-spaced abstract in which you lay
out your topic and its relevance to this session.
*AND a 100 word truncated abstract (NWSA requirement).

Each person will speak for around 15 minutes, and we will leave time for
Q&A. In order to present with your name in the program, you must become a
member of NWSA in addition to registering for the conference.

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